Loud or Barking Dogs

Barking dog complaints are investigated by the Cedar Hill Animal Control office. To report a dog that barks loudly and frequently, contact the Regional Dispatch at (972) 223-6111.

Animals Running At-large

City ordinances prohibit dogs from running at-large within the City limits.
If you find a dog at large within the City limits you can either call (972) 223-6111 or bring the dog to the Tri-City Animal and Adoption Center during the following times:

  • Monday - Friday: 10 am to 6 pm 
  • Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm

Other Nuisances

City ordinances also prohibit:

  • Aggressive behavior to people or other animals
  • Chasing vehicles

In cases where the Animal Control Officer does not witness the violation, the City suggests the following actions:

  1. Talk to the owner of the animal. The owner may not realize the animal is creating a problem.
  2. Send a certified letter (return receipt requested) to the owner stating the problem.
  3. Swear a complaint with the Municipal Court, located at 285 Uptown Blvd, Building 100. To contact the Municipal Court by phone, please call (972) 291-5100, ext. 1040. 

For more information, call Cedar Hill Animal Control during business hours at (972) 291-5181 extension 1716 (ACO S. Burke) or extension 2163 (ACO J. Randolph).