Foster Program

Do you have room in your home and in your heart for our pets in need? Our pets can always use the space! If the shelter life is just not for you, but you still want to help our animals, our foster program is just the thing for you!

There are three primary reasons our pets may need a foster home:

Six kittens
  • Puppies & Kittens who are too young are not eligible for adoption, and must be fostered until they are at least two months and two pounds.
  • Dogs & Cats who are sick and/or injured need a quiet home in which they can heal and get better
  • Dogs & Cats that need socialization and/or training before being put up for adoption
Dog getting its head scratched

Foster Application & Process

  • Fill out a foster application (pdf) and bring it in person to our shelter.
  • Once it has been submitted and approved, you will be added to our email list, and will be alerted whenever there is a pet in need of a foster home.
  • You will be provided with everything needed to make sure the foster pet thrives in your home
  • Once the foster period is over, the pet can return to our shelter and find it’s new fur-ever home!

Fostering is a great opportunity to help our shelter pets, and to provide them with unconditional love! With your help, we can provide the care these critters need in order to be healthy and find their fur-ever home!

Foster Application (pdf)