Meadow Vista Estates

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This vibrant subdivision at the far northeast reaches of Cedar Hill is a close-knit community that boasts an active neighborhood organization. Meadow Vista Estates began development in 1990 and is now home to 209 families.

Residents have an impressive communication network that includes a quarterly newsletter, the Meadow Vista Messenger, an annual Home Owner's Association (HOA) meeting, neighborhood crime watch, block parties, National Night Out participation and other activities throughout the year.

Meadow Vista Estates

  • Neighborhood: Meadow Vista Estates (PDF)
  • Developed: 1990
  • Number of Homes: 209
  • Special Features:
    • Duncanville ISD
    • 2009 and 2012 Most Improved Neighborhood
  • President: Email Patrick Bradshaw
  • Organization Type: homeowners association
  • Participation: voluntary