Bulk & Brush

Bulk and BrushBulk items and brush are collected together in one pile once per month at the curb (even if you have an alley) and are limited to 10 cubic yards.

Acceptable bulk items include: appliances, furniture, fence sections, bags of leaves or other residential items too large for a container. Refrigerators, freezers, window A/C units, and similar items must be tagged as “free of freon”. 

Bulk items do not include: construction debris; toilets; hazardous waste; vehicles, parts, or tires; televisions or computers.

Bulk items and brush must be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday morning of your collection week. Waste Management may collect your items any day of the scheduled week. Enter your address below or refer to the Collection Schedule and map to determine your collection week.