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Adopt Cedar Hill Cleanup Notification Form

  1. Adopt Cedar Hill Logo.jpg

  2. Adopt Cedar Hill Advanced Notification Requirement

    The City must be notified seven (7) days in advance of the exact date of the cleanup so that arrangements can be made to have the trash bags disposed of promptly.

  3. All requests for cleanup supplies and trash pickup must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the cleanup event.

  4. Do you need safety vests?

  5. Disregard this box if you do not need safety vests.

  6. Do you need trash grabbers?

  7. Disregard this box if you do not need trash grabbers.

  8. Do you need trash bags?

  9. Do you need gloves?

  10. Do you need cooling towels (summer cleanup) or beanies (winter cleanup)?

  11. Do you need staff to pick up your filled trash bags?

    Place filled trash bags under the Adopt Cedar Hill sign or next to the closest public trash can if the cleanup is in a park.

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