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  1. Text?

  2. Rate concerns you have for your neighborhood

  3. Crime

  4. Speeding

  5. Vandalism / Graffiti

  6. Unkempt yards

  7. Inoperable vehicles

  8. Roads \ sidewalks

  9. Bicycle lanes

  10. Street lighting

  11. How are public services in your neighborhood?

  12. Police and Fire protection

  13. Street repair \ maintenance

  14. Trash collection \ recycling

  15. Park maintenance

  16. Recreation

  17. Is there a city serives that your neighborhood needs that is not being provided?

  18. A neighborhood watch group is forming in your neighborhood. Are you interested in becoming involved?

  19. Crime Watch Block Captain

  20. Making reminder calls / texts for meetings?

  21. Distributing Neighborhood Information?

  22. Attend City Council meetings

  23. Preferred day and time

  24. What type of neighborhood communication would be helpful in getting information to you?

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  25. Thank you.

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