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Pre-Trial Virtual Court Hearing Request

  1. Virtual Court Hearing Request *
    Check to Acknowledge: I hereby enter a plea of NOT GUILTY and request a VIRTUAL COURT HEARING. I understand that I will be required to virtually appear to assigned hearing or trial.
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  3. Best day to call *
  4. For the hearing, a website link will be sent to you. The Court is using Zoom as the platform. You will need to have audio and video capabilities on your device. Please test your device at if you are unsure if you have these capabilities. Do you have these capabilities available?*
  5. Do you need an interpreter?*
  6. Enter additional citation/violations below.
  7. Please enter the type of citation that was issued, ex: ran stop sign.
    By checking the "I ACCEPT" box above, I am acknowledging that it is my responsibility to email the court a copy of my proof of driver’s license or identification to which I will do so immediately upon submitting this form.
  9. Is there anything else you need us to know about your situation that might impact your Zoom session?
  10. Thank You ~ Cedar Hill Municipal Court
    Thank you for your submission. For additional information, questions or comments, please contact us by: Tel:469-272-2930 ext. 1041 or Email:
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