Brush Service

Larger quantities of brush are picked up at the curb (not in the alley) once a month according to the map. Week 1 includes the 1st Monday of the month, Week 2 would be the 2nd Monday of the month and so on. Residents should have brush at the curb by 7 a.m. on the appropriate Monday for their zone. Brush may be put out the Friday before pick up after 6 p.m, and may be picked up any day during the week.


Brush does not not need to be bundled. Do not place brush on water meters or under power / telephone lines. Residents may place up to 10 cubic yards (size of a small car).

Brush resulting from work done by a commercial service provider will not be picked up. Tires, hazardous waste, commercial waste or construction debris will not be picked up.

Map showing the pick up weeks for brush.

For amounts over 10 yards, please contact Waste Management at 972-315-5400 for pricing.

Grass Clippings

The city discourages residents from bagging grass clippings. Studies have shown that during the peak growing season yard trimmings account for over 25% of municipal solid waste going into landfills. As a more earth friendly option, try mulching grass clippings back into the yard.