Utility Services 

General Information

The City of Cedar Hill provides water and sewer services to residents. Trash, recycling, brush, bulk and household hazardous waste services are outsourced and provided by WM. Electricity and gas services are not available through the City. 


Any questions or inquiries can be submitted to the Utility Services Dept. at 469-272-2931, option 4 / ubilling@cedarhilltx.com

Who's responsible for what?

City and Private PropertyLearn more on how to locate your personal cutoff valve 

Learn how meters work

The City owns and is responsible for operation and maintenance of the City system including and up to the water meter. 

Residents are responsible for operation and maintenance of the residential system beginning at the water meter/service line connection.

Emergency Service Calls

Residents and business owners are expected to know how to turn water on and off at their premises using their personal cut-off (see link below to City and Private responsibilities). However, City staff is available on an on-call basis, if resources permit, to assists with emergency cutoffs between the hours of 5pm and 9pm (non-holiday) Monday through Friday and from 9am to noon on Saturday. Staff is limited and multiple emergencies can occur simultaneously so response timelines will depend on availability of staff and task load. For emergency disconnects during these extended hours, call 972-780-6643. 

Customers are reminded that the meter, associated meter equipment and the meter box are City property. Penalties may be a applied to accounts when this equipment is manipulated without authorization by customers. Learn more about City and Private responsibilities (PDF).

Household Hazardous Waste: At-Your-Door Service 

Avoid the lines! Residents can now schedule home pickup for household hazardous waste and electronic waste through Waste Management's At-Your-Door Special Collection. To schedule a home collection, visit WMAtYourDoor.com or call 800-449-7587. Visit cedarhilltx.com/trash for more information. This premier service is available and applied to all residential utility accounts at the rate of $1.45 per month.