Building Inspections

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Request an Inspection

To request a building inspection for work completed with an issued permit, please submit a request before 4:00pm the day before the requested inspection day. 

  • Submit a request through the portal
  • Email City Inspections; or
  • Call 972.291.5100 ext. 1093

Online Permitting and Inspections

EnerGov Customer Self Service

The City of Cedar Hill is excited to announce the launch of the City’s new online permit and plan management system. As of September 2018, users of the online platform are now able to:

  • Apply for all building permits, including uploading plans
  • Check processing status for permits
  • Pay fees
  • Schedule building inspections
  • Check inspection results
  • Submit for planning cases, including uploading plans
  • Check processing status for planning cases

To begin using EnerGov Customer Self Service, all new users must register for an account. Please review the EnerGov Registration Instructions on how to get set up.

Once you’ve registered and are logged onto your account on the EnerGov Customer Self Service website, you will be able to apply for a permit or planning case, check statuses on permits or cases, pay any fees, or schedule an inspection. Once logged in, all permits and cases tied to the account will be available to view.

Helpful Links:

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