Owner Surrender Report

If you are considering surrendering a pet, we ask that you first check out all of the great resources on our website and know that we are here to help you in keeping your pet. If this is simply not possible, you can also check out rehome.adoptapet.com for additional support. If you are still needing to surrender your pet after reviewing our pet help resources, no worries the process is fairly simple.

Please know, if your pet was adopted from another facility, rescue, or shelter you may be contractually obligated to return the pet to that adoption organization.

We are partially funded through tax dollars and can only take surrenders from our three cities (Cedar Hill, DeSoto, & Duncanville), therefore current proof of residency is required.

To ensure everyone’s safety, Tri-City is asking that owners interested in surrendering their pet to call 972-293-7387 to make an appointment. There are some documents and identification that you will need to email to tricities@cedarhilltx.com. This not only better protects you and our team during the pandemic but also allows us to maximize the information obtained so that we can to make the best match possible for your pet.

For pet surrender, please fill out the form below. If you are surrendering multiple pets, please fill out a separate form for each pet. A detailed, honest, and thorough pet personality profile for the pet helps us in finding the right home. Please answer all of the questions, and feel free to make additional comments that will help us make a match.

Though we try our best to find a home or safe place for every animal in our care, sadly we are not able to guarantee that every animal will be adopted. While your Tri-City Animal Shelter is top notch with innovative programs and marketing on behalf of the animals, some animals just cannot tolerate the shelter environment, have issues that we do not have resources for, or are just not safe to place back in our beloved community. If you surrender a pet and want a call back if we feel we cannot place this animal you will be required to pick the animal up within 24 hours from the call, regardless if contact is made.

We are not able to disclose the outcome of any animal once they have been surrendered to us. Surrendering a pet can be stressful on you but even more so on the animal, even to a shelter with a team as caring as ours. This is why we want to make sure that you thoroughly consider your decision as a final decision before bringing the pet in.

Please contact us at (972) 293-7387 to make an appointment, to discuss additional pet help options, or if you need help with this form. Please note to best serve customers with appointments, we will not be able to process any owner surrender forms until an appointment has been made.

When you call to set up an appointment, please let our staff know that you have filled out our form online.


Additional questions or inquires may be made by contacting us via email tricities@cedarhilltx.com or by phone (972) 291-5335 from 10-6 Tues - Sat.