Lost & Found Report

If you are reporting more than one lost or found pet, please use a separate form for each one. Your pet's photo and information will be kept in our system for ten days but feel free to resubmit the form after ten days as many animals have been reunited weeks, months, and even years later. If your pet returns home on its’ own please be sure to schedule a time for an affordable and important microchip. This is literally your pets’ phone call home.

If you have any questions, please contact us at tricities@cedarhilltx.com. 

You will need a photo of your lost pet in order to post. Please post a photo of the pet only, not a full flyer. You can drop off a flyer or fax it to us at 972-291-5340. Remember to use a clear (not blurry) picture and preferably a full body of your lost pet. 

If you are posting a found pet, a clear photo of the pet is required. 

Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center holds impounded animals up to for 72 hours for an owner reclaim. Some ordinance do not require any hold but this is the most common time frame. Remember impounded animals are viewable 24/7 on this site. After the stray hold time expires the pet is evaluated and may be put up for adoption, transferred to another facility, humanely euthanized to prevent suffering or danger, placed with a rescue, or fostered. Holidays and facility closures count towards time of hold because the pet’s basic info is viewable online around the clock. If you believe you see your pet online please email, facebook, and call us immediately to make arrangements for pick up. 

If you have found a pet and wish to hold on to it temporarily you may call for an appointment to get the pet scanned for a microchip, staff will go over additional details, resources, and options to keep the pet. In some cased animal control will come to you to scan the found pet when time allows. 

We only hold lost and found reports for ten days, owners will need to check in regularly in person to keep the report on file or set themselves a reminder to resubmit after ten days.

Once a pet has been reunited with the owner, please notify us so that we may close the report.


Additional questions or inquires may be made by contacting us via email tricities@cedarhilltx.com or by phone (972) 291-5335 from 10-6 Tues - Sat.