October - Clue Game

Please join us in Cedar Hill Park and Recreation Department's CLUE, the Whodunnit Murder Mystery Game! Participants will be able to print sheets with all the possible suspects, crime scenes and weapons to figure out who killed Mad Dr. Covid. 

Participants will need to submit to Cedar Hill Parks and Recreation WHO killed Mad Dr. Covid, WHERE they killed him and WHAT they used to kill him in order to successfully complete the game. Game cards to follow along are on this page, or on our Facebook page. Please click the images on this page to enlarge their view.

Clues are printed on yard signs and will be strategically placed around the Alan E Sims Cedar Hill Recreation Center. Please see the map of where they are placed below, as well as on our Facebook event HERE.  

Participants will go to the Clue locations, see the clues on the signs and know which crime scenes, weapons and suspects are eliminated (due to them having an alibi from the clues).  Once participants have their final answer in hand, they can go to the AES Recreation Center to claim their prize! 

Clue Clues! Graphic Map


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