Bitter for Litter


Do you see litter around your neighborhood? Get Bitter for Litter and be part of the solution. Roll up your sleeves and pickup the trash. Then get your friends and family be Bitter for Litter too!

Take a selfie of you taking ownership of your community and neighborhood. Share on social media with #BitterForLitter and send your photo to for a free Bitter for Litter t-shirt.

1,369,495 and counting!

Cedar Hill has removed 1,369,495 pieces of litter and counting! Add to the tally by taking a selfie of your efforts and sending the photo to

FREE Cleanup Supplies

Need cleanup supplies? Complete the online NOTIFICATION FORM to request supplies and to schedule trash pickup.

Take your community involvement to the NEXT LEVEL

Checkout Adopt Cedar Hill and formally adopt a street, park or trail.

Bitter for Litter shirt