Building Appeals & Advisory Board


The Board meets as needed, usually on a Monday night at 7 p.m. View meeting agendas and minutes


  • Joseph Pitt, Engineer
  • Michael Bechdol, Builder
  • Mark Dale, Builder
  • Jack Frost, Electrician
  • Deborah Fulwiler, Architect
  • David W. McDaniel, Citizen
  • Jeanetta Dagley, Citizen
  • Brodrick Rhodes, Citizen 

Membership Includes

  • 1 registered master plumber
  • 1 registered master electrician
  • 2 building contractors
  • 1 mechanical contractor
  • 4 engineers, architects or persons with or without building profession expertise, or any combination thereof. 


This 9-member board has jurisdiction over appeals regarding building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical codes. The Building Appeals and Advisory Board also acts as the Sign Appeals Board, hearing sign variances, and making recommendations to the City Council.