Neighborhood Toolkit

This guide will assist you in getting your neighborhood association off the ground. Each neighborhood is different. What is presented in this guide and what may have worked for one neighborhood may not be right for yours. We hope that your neighborhood organization will be successful for years to come.

Tips for Building a Strong Neighborhood Organization

The most common complaint of neighborhood leaders is that they can't get people to participate.

Questions to consider: Is your group inclusive? Does your group demonstrate effective teamwork, recognizing the needs, interests and skills of all its residents?

Neighborhood Toolkit Contents

The Neighborhood Toolkit is designed to help residents create and manage a neighborhood organization.

The informational guide will assist you with:

  • Publicity
  • Volunteer management
  • And much more

The guide also includes sample documents and contact numbers to make getting started easy.

Download & View Samples

Download the Neighborhood Toolkit (PDF) or call (469) 272-2801 to receive a copy by mail.