Vector (Mosquito-borne Disease) Control

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Mosquito Testing Updates

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Free Mosquito Dunks!

Mosquito Dunks are available for FREE at Development Services on the 2nd floor of the Government Center. Proof of Cedar Hill residency is required. Limit one per resident as supplies last. Registration is required upon pickup.

Can Mosquitoes carry COVID-19?

Short answer - NO! Mosquitoes are NOT carriers for COVID-19.

COVID19 Mosquito

Program Overview and Policies

The City of Cedar Hill partners with Dallas County Health and Human Service (DCHHS) to conduct the West Nile Virus surveillance and testing program. Each week, mosquito traps are set, collected and tested in mosquito management areas (MMA). Mosquitoes are tested for West Nile Virus (WNV). When a "pool" of mosquitoes tests positive for WNV, DCHHS schedules vector control spraying in the MMA where the positive sample was trapped. The spraying takes place at night from a truck mounted sprayer.

The WNV surveillance and testing program functions to control the outbreak of disease. The program does not function to directly control the mosquito population which naturally rise and fall throughout the year. The City only schedules vector control spraying services in an affected MMA in response to a WNV positive. The City does not spray individual residences upon request.

For individual residences, you may seek private professional licensed pest control services to fit your needs. The City does not promote nor make recommendations on specific private pest control service companies. The City does not provide a list of companies.

Generally, mosquitoes populations are best controlled by eliminating the breeding sources (standing water). Spraying only kills adult mosquitoes. If left alone, breeding sources will continue to produce new adult mosquitoes. The Culex mosquito which carries West Nile Virus takes 4-14 days to go from larvae to adult mosquito. Other species may form into adult mosquitoes as fast as 48 hours.

An effective method to Fight the Bite is the "4D" Defense. 

  1. Use DEET repellents. 
  2. DRESS in long sleeves and pants. 
  3. DRAIN standing water. 
  4. Protect yourself during DUSK and DAWN.

For additional questions, contact Duy Vu, Environmental Manager, at 972-291-5126, extension 2819 or via email.

About West Nile Virus (WNV)

WNV is a potentially serious illness. It is transmitted by a bite from an infected mosquito that is already carrying the virus.

Most people will not show any signs of infection, but many will have mild symptoms such as fever, headache and body aches. Rarely, symptoms may require medical care or hospitalization. The people who are most susceptible to the disease are the very young, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

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