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City Council Priorities
Priorities for our community
Cedar Hill Has Distinctive Character
The City Council is currently working on this initiative as a strategic goal for Cedar Hill. As a part of the City’s Vision for the future, the City Council is making it a priority to define what it means to have distinct character. It is the Council’s goal to have community forums and input from the citizenry about how Cedar Hill is distinct and what we can do as a community to ensure that we retain our distinctive character in our constantly evolving world.

Cedar Hill is Safe
We believe our highest priority and most significant use of taxpayer funds is to keep Cedar Hill a safe community. We are excited about the strong planning and strategic thinking our police and fire departments have undertaken. Our public safety personnel are committed to taking proactive steps to prevent crime, fires and injuries requiring emergency care. By knowing their jobs better than anyone else, our public safety personnel have identified ways to encourage people to be safer.
2028 Goals

Cedar Hill has Texas Schools of Choice
Our school board has established a vision to be a “premier district, providing our community with a world-class educational system.” Our City Council is committed to helping our school district as well as Northwood University, Cedar Valley College and the University of North Texas-Dallas become schools of choice in Texas.
2028 Goals

Cedar Hill is Clean
Our vision statement speaks to a clean city; obviously we want to maintain strong code enforcement, get trash picked up and keep our right-of-ways well maintained. We are coordinating our comprehensive planning efforts and will continue initiatives to support stronger neighborhoods.
2028 Goals

Cedar Hill has Vibrant Parks and Natural Beauty
With some of the best parks in the area, Cedar Hill is setting new standards for parks and open space. With so much development in our community, we have continued to emphasize the preservation of our natural beauty. We are blessed with some of the most beautiful topography and spectacular views. Consequently, we have a responsibility to encourage preservation of our trees, landscape and our open spaces. Cedar Hill, working with other groups, has set aside thousands of acres of land that will not be developed and will maintain our natural beauty.
2028 Goals

Cedar Hill has a Strong and Diverse Economy
Our quality of life and the amount of land set aside for preserves, parks and trail systems is not free. Quality economic development is critical to paying for the services and infrastructure needed to support our citizens, businesses, and the many visitors who shop in our businesses and use our parks. We will continue to seek out and offer competitive incentives for quality businesses to locate in Cedar Hill.
2028 Goals

Cedar Hill has Excellent, Safe and Efficient Mobility
It seems that the roads can never stay caught up with development because the growth is what pays for the new roads. However, our plans are solid and with a tremendous staff we have made significant strides in completing more road projects in the last three years than we have in the previous ten years. We continue to be involved in the long-term plans for widening Highway 67 and the construction of Loop 9. These major thoroughfares will significantly affect future land use and growth areas of our city.
2028 Goals

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