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The Zoning Code is an ordinance adopted by the City Council which regulates the use and development of land in the City.  It is designed to carry out the comprehensive plan.  The Zoning Code divides the City into "districts" and specifies the land uses authorized within each district, as well as the specific development standards (i.e. minimum lot, building and site requirements, etc.), that apply to each district.

Zoning District Map    

crop zoning map

FULL Zoning Code Text

Full Zoning Code Text


Table of Contents

 Article I

General Provisions                                                                                       

Article II

Zoning Procedures & Administration - including 
  • Site Plan, 
  • Certificate of Occupancy, and  
  • Non-Conforming Use Regulations

 Article III

Zoning Districts & Associated Development Standards - including  
  • Residential,  
  • Non-Residential,
  • Old Town, and
  • Uptown

Article IV

Use Charts & Regulations - including
  • Home Based Business,
  • On-Premise Alcoholic Beverage Sales,
  • Sexually Oriented Business and
  • Wind-Powered Generators (Personal)

Article V

Development Standards - including
  • Parking,
  • Landscaping,
  • Screening,
  • Lighting & Masonry, and
  • Definitions.

Article VI

Penalties & Nonconformity Clause 


Retained & Repealed Planned Development Districts,
High Pointe Overlay Standards, and
Plant List


Lot & Yard dimensions,
Fence & Sight Visibility, and

For official zoning verification letters, please make the request in writing and attention to Don Gore, Planner.  The fee is $50. 
We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.  Please make checks payable to the City of Cedar Hill.

If you have further questions, please call the Planning Department at (972) 291- 5100 Ext.1081                         

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