What if I have items bigger than the normal trash?
Bulky Items
On your weekly trash/recycling collection day you are allowed to set out 1 additional bulky item or 4 bundles of brush.

Bulky items are defined as:
appliances, furniture, carpet, mattresses, furniture and
fence sections (cut to 4 ft. width with no concrete).

Refrigerators, ice makers, freezers and window air conditioners must be tagged by a licensed technician as free of Freon.

This service does not include construction material, tires, automobile batteries or other parts, dead animals, hazardous waste or livestock stable matter of excessive weight or volume.

Yard trash and leaves will be picked up if in plastic bags. Tree limbs must be bundled, no longer than 4 feet in length and not exceeding 50 pounds each. If there is a large amount of limbs, a special pick-up must be coordinated with Waste Management at 972.315.5400.

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