Public Works

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide the highest quality water, sewer, traffic and drainage infrastructure systems in a manner that is consistent with Professional Engineering Principles.
Dallas County Mosquito Control will be ground spraying on Friday and Sunday nights, September 26 & 28 in the area South of W. Beltline/Mansfield Road and West of Hwy 67. A mosquito sample collected in this area tested positive for West Nile Virus this week.  

The schedule for spraying is 9:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Street Overlays Scheduled for 2014
  1. Update on FM 1382

UPDATE ON FM 1382 Capacity Improvements - Phase I

This project includes adding two additional inside lanes on FM1382, one lane in each direction, from Straus Road to New Clark Road. There will also be trail pavement for pedestrians and bicycles. Construction activities started in February 2014 and ongoing now; this project is expected to be completed in by June 2015.
Some lane closures will be necessary during construction so drivers are urged to maintain caution and watch for traffic delays when driving in this area.

These improvements are related to the City’s Thoroughfare Plan and Park’s Master Plan. Several other projects are scheduled in different phases and this project is the first phase. The other projects further north involve different funding sources, need requirements, aspects and safety driven issues.

We appreciate your patience and awareness to the traffic control signs and barricades as the project progresses

For more information, please contact:
Regaynal B. Poplion, Graduate Civil Engineer
972-291-5126 ext. 2814

  1. Update on Lake Ridge Parkway
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To report a problems or concerns regarding State roads (FM 1382 and US Hwy 67), you may call the Texas Department of Transportation at 972.263.1387.