Fee Changes - January 2022

Upcoming Fee Changes

New facility, rental & program fees will be implemented January 1, 2022

On March 28, 2019 the proposed new Parks and Recreation Department Fees were brought before the Community Development Corporation Board for their recommendation and vote.  They approved them unanimously. 

The City Ordinance in ARTICLE IV. - PARKS AND RECREATION FACILITY USE, FEES AND CHARGES, Sec. 15-20. - Facility use; fees, states the director is authorized to set and charge fees for use of park facilities and for department programs. The director may submit a proposed schedule of fees to the park board and city council for input and approval as part of the city's annual budget process, and the city council may require the director to adjust facility use fees at any time. Such fees may be charged to help offset some or all of the maintenance and operational costs associated with the facilities and resources used. The director may evaluate fees from time to time and revise them as necessary to reflect changes in costs and/or competition. Nonresidents may be required to pay a higher fee due to the fact that they are not assessed city ad valorem taxes.  The director is authorized to add department programs, increase participation numbers for existing programs, and omit programs as necessary in the director's discretion to meet the needs of the community and maintain appropriate cost recovery.

Below are the Current and New Fees for each area:

Fees being implemented in January 2022:

Senior Center Membership and Trip Fees

SC Fee Changes for January 2022

Fees already implemented in January 2020:

Recreation Center Rental Fees 

Recreation Center Rental Fees CDC

Valley Ridge and Athletic Facility Rental Fees (Virginia Weaver Park, Dot Thomas Park, Community Center Park)

Valley Ridge and Athletic Facility

Park Pavilion Rental Fees & Miscellaneous Special Event Fees
Park Pavillion Rental Fees

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