Who represents me?

City Government Elected Representatives

The elected officials in Cedar Hill are the Mayor and six Councilmembers. They make up the City Council. All are elected at large, by qualified voters of the entire city. Each elected city official serves a 3-year term. Learn more about the City Council.

Elections are scheduled each year for the second Tuesday in May. Filing to run for office starts in February and extends into March. For more information about qualifications to run for city office or information about city elections or runoffs, contact the City Secretary.

The City Council is the governing and law-making body of the city. The City Council appoints the City Manager who oversees administration of all departments of the city.

"The council-manager system can be seen to place all power into the hands of the legislative branch, the council. However, a city manager can be seen as a similar role to that of corporate CEO in providing professional management to an organization. Council-manager government is much like a publicly traded corporation where the board of directors appoints a CEO, makes major decisions and wields representative power on behalf of shareholders. Likewise in council-manager government, the city council appoints a city manager, makes major decisions, and wields representative power on behalf of the citizens." --from Wikipedia.com

State and National Government Elected Representatives

Information about state and national government representatives for the Cedar Hill area is available from the State of Texas.