Additional Benefits

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

 A program that provides employees and their dependents 24-hour access to services related to counseling, elder care issues, parenting concerns, legal questions, financial issues, and a variety of other topics. Employees and their dependents can use three free visits per issue per individual. If referred to a health care provider, the city's health insurance provisions apply.

Tuition Reimbursement

 Employees may apply for reimbursement of the costs for tuition and books for approved courses at an accredited college or university when budgeted and approved in the department.

Military Leave

If you are a member of the National Guard or any reserve component you are allowed 15 days of military leave each fiscal year for attending annual training.

Jury Duty

Employees are permitted absence with pay for the length of time while serving on a jury.

Funeral/Bereavement Leave

The City of Cedar Hill provides up to 24 hours (36 hours for Shift Firefighters) of paid leave to eligible employees who miss work due to the death of an immediate family member.

Education & Certification Pay

The City of Cedar Hill offers qualified, regular full time employees additional pay for an Associates or Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Educational pay will only be paid for those degrees that are not required in the job description or in the case where a degree is preferred but not mandated in the job description.

The City of Cedar Hill is committed to the employee's educational growth and development. In addition to an employee's regular earnings, an employee who obtains certification or participates in specialized assignments may be eligible for certification and/or specialty pay. Employees within the Police, Fire, and Public Works Department are eligible for certification pay.

Medical, Life & Disability

Paid Leave