Main Street Development and Preservation Board

The Main Street Development and Preservation Board is comprised of nine voting members, representative of the community, and appointed by the City Council to serve as advocates for the preservation of downtown heritage. By fostering community pride and involvement, stimulating diverse business development, and organizing and maintaining the overall community effort to revitalize Cedar Hill's historic downtown businesses and residences, the Main Street Board champions the interests of the Old Town, Uptown and Old Town Corridor districts.

The Main Street Development and Preservation Board's purpose is to serve the city as historic downtown liaisons by:

  • Creating opportunities that foster the public and private effort to revitalize the historic downtown district known as Main Street
  • Cooperating with City staff in the development and implementation of goals and strategies to preserve the historic downtown business and residential area
  • Providing direction in the areas of policy administration, evaluation and architectural review for the Old Town and Uptown Overlay Districts
  • Assisting City staff in coordination and planning of downtown events
  • Promoting programs and objectives that enhance the design, land use, funding, promotion and economic development of historic downtown
   •  Gabriel Allred
   •  Al Armistead
   •  Alice Atchison
   •  Albert Mack
   •  Randy Moon
   •  Norman Patten
   •  Russell Read
   •  Gary Reed
   •  Michelle Rodriguez
   •  Melise Smith

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Main Street Development and Preservation Board
The board meets the fourth Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in Conference Room D of the Cedar Hill Government Center, located at 285 Uptown Boulevard, across from the Cinemark Theatre.