Lake Ridge Parkway Construction Project

  1. Update on Phase II

Update on Lake Ridge Parkway - Phase II
A new Change Order (CO) has been executed with all the parties at the request of the Property Owner’s Association (POA). This CO adds forty-five (45) additional working days to the contract for the planting of 11,370 Gulf Muhly ornamental plants in the medians. The anticipated completion of the project is June/July 2014, contingent upon the weather.

Mowing, general cleanup and miscellaneous erosion control items are also ongoing.

The following is a list of substantially completed items:

  • Parkway grading and installation of sodding
  • Plant bed excavation within the median
  • Irrigation installation and repairs
  • Tree installation
  • All median grades
  • All major items of the project
Wrought Iron Fence 2      Wrought Iron Fence   
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View the April 2009 Council Update Presentation.