High Pointe Public Improvement District #1


  • 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30pm
  • High Pointe Baptist Church, 101 High Pointe Lane
  • Contact: hppid@highpointeinfo.com
  • To view most recent agenda, click here.
  • To view past agendas and minutes, click here.

To get updates on High Pointe PID 1, please complete the Neighborhood Directory Form.

For more information about High Pointe, visit their website: www.highpointeinfo.com

Board of Directors
Delores Shaw   - President
Kavin Brown - Vice President
Ruby Martin - Treasurer
Erin McClendon - Secretary
Mark Stodola - Board Member
Shomega Austin - Board Member


  • 75 Cluster mailboxes will be replaced beginning February 5, 2024.
  • If your mailbox is replaced you will go to the Cedar Hill Post Office to pick up your new keys.
  • Mail will be held until keys are picked up.  You must bring your deed/lease and a valid ID to pick up your new keys.
  • There is no charge for new keys. All future replacements are $25.



Premier Neighborhood Award (2008, 2013, & 2021)


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In 1998 the residents of High Pointe subdivision petitioned to become the city’s second public improvement district, or PID. The special district, established by State statute, levies an additional assessment on all properties within specific boundaries. Typically a percentage of the appraised value of the property, the assessment is reflected on the annual tax statement and confers a special benefit on definable parts of the improvement district. To learn more about PIDs, click here

The PID is authorized to make improvements to public spaces including right-of-ways, and parks (in cooperation with the Cedar Hill Parks Department.) Projects may include, but are not limited to:

High Pointe Sign
  • landscaping, erection of fountains, distinctive lighting and signs
  • acquisition or construction of sidewalks, or other projects in public right-of-ways
  • establishment or improvement of parks
  • enhanced police patrol

The High Pointe PID, created in October 1998, has a current assessment of $0.10 per $100 valuation. Example:

  • Appraised value $150,000 divided by $100 multiplied by $0.10 equals $150 per year

The PID is governed by seven, at-large directors elected by residents and appointed by the Cedar Hill City Council to serve staggered terms of two years, subject to the terms and conditions of the City Council approved by-laws established for the district.