Capital Projects

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FM1382 Capacity Improvements (Phase I)
This is a project that the City of Cedar Hill has partnered with TxDOT.  The scope of this project entails roadway widening and pedestrian improvements.  FM 1382 has been widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes from Straus Road to New Clark Road.  Also, a 12' wide multi-use trail and 8' wide sidewalks has been constructed for pedestrian use.
Various roadway lane closures will be necessary to complete the construction, so drivers are urged to maintain caution and watch for traffic delays when driving in this area.

These improvements are in accordance with the City’s Thoroughfare Plan and Park’s Master Plan. 
We appreciate your patience and awareness to the traffic control signs and barricades as the project is completed.
Project Update: The two additional lanes have been constructed and are now open to traffic.  The construction of the trail, retaining walls and sidewalk are substantially complete.  Final project walk through inspection has occurred and the contractor is currently working to complete the punch list items.

  • February 2014    Construction Start
  • June 2015          Construction End

LAS Booster Stations at Parkerville & Hwy. 67 Water Tanks
The project scope includes installing a chemical feed system and a tank mixing system to improve water quality.
Project is under construction.  The estimated construction completion is Summer 2015.

Mansfield Road Project Photo Drawing - xsm

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consist of projects that involve the construction of infrastructure and major facilities such as streets, water lines, sewer lines, storage tanks, etc. These investments are essential elements of providing premier service to the City of Cedar Hill and meets the following City Council Premier Statements:
  • *Cedar Hill has Excellent, Safe and Efficient Infrastructure
  • *Cedar Hill is Safe
  • *Cedar Hill is Clean
  • *Cedar Hill has Dinstinctive Character
  • Current Street Closures