Premier Neighborhood Award

From now until the May 29th nomination deadline, nominate a neighborhood where people come together to conquer challenges and create lasting relationships that help mold more-sustainable neighborhoods while demonstrating City Council’s Values within the community.

2017 marks the 13th year that the Neighborhood Advisory Board will recognize neighborhood organizations in the City of Cedar Hill for their work towards improving the quality of life in their communities. These awards recognize neighborhoods for:
  • Achievement in Communication
  • Organizational Activities
  • Membership
  • Community Partnerships
  • Leadership and Beautification.  

2016 1st Place Premier Award: Bear Creek Ranch
2016 Runner Up: Bradford Park 

The 1st place Premier Neighborhood Award recipient receives a check in the amount of $250 to be used for community building activities.  A runner up will be selected in both categories and awarded at $100 award.

Past recipients include:

Nominate your neighborhood for City of Cedar Hill’s Annual Love Your Neighborhood Award

Applying is simple!

Neighborhood Engagement is a top priority for your Mayor and City Council.  It is important that each neighborhood in our community exhibit the values established by City Council. YOUR Neighborhood Award applications will be evaluated by its ability to demonstrate City Council’s Values within the neighborhood. 

  •     People and Relationships
  •     Stewardship
  •     Highest ethical standards, behavior and integrity
  •     Servant Leadership

Bear Creek Ranch

Nestled in the Southeast corner of Cedar Hill is Bear Creek Ranch. This quiet subdivision currently is home to over 135 families with more on the horizon to be completed by 2017. Residents distinguished themselves in every award category with regular neighborhood association and crime watch meetings and increased participation in community events. In addition, residents are pursuing the formation of a neighborhood park and set the bar high in community leadership, organization and involvement.

The neighborhood has a dedicated group of residents committed to increasing its relations with various organizations and businesses throughout our wonderful City of Cedar Hill making the community and their neighborhood premier.  Bear Creek Ranch residents are frequent participants in citywide events and activities and have many community volunteers within their neighborhood.

Under the capable leadership of organization President Evern Speers, the Board of Directors and many others, a bright future lies ahead for the distinguished Bear Creek Ranch neighborhood.

Congratulations and thanks to Bear Creek Ranch for outstanding contributions to your neighborhood and the community.

Bradford Park

is an outstanding planned-development community in the High Pointe neighborhood.  Development in the early 1980s is home to 350 households that surround the distinct Bradford Park pavilion and pond.  Residents of Bradford Park initiated a block party for the neighbors and successfully hosted their 2nd annual block party last weekend with over 150 neighbors in attendance.

Residents have activated a Bradford Park Crime Watch group to encourage neighbors to be vigilant for their homes and neighbors.

Under the enthusiastic leadership of block captain, Joyce Prettol and many others, Bradford Park residents are committed to loving their neighborhood and making a difference in Cedar Hill.

Congratulations and thanks to Bradford Park for outstanding contributions to your neighborhood and the community.